Tallahassee – Keep it Active!

Tallahassee – Keep it Active!

Tallahassee trip!  Embarking on our trip to Tallahassee to fight for the needs of the families and talk to the representatives of Florida. This trip was part of Developmental Disabilities day in Tallahassee.  Members of the family care council are shown in the group bus photo.

Nancy Simmons, and members of Family Care Council, visit Senator Ed Hooper in Tallahassee (office photo) to educate him on the need for funding for the developmentally delayed folks. Senate Bill 82 is a hotspot for adding funding and impacting over 60,000 developmentally delayed people. Often, if not watched carefully by the organizations that are supporting such services, the money is appropriated and then cut when the public quiets down. We need advocates and the public to keep on the heals of these issues.

On the plaza of Tallahassee (group with green shirts), we are listening to speakers about the need to visit our legislators and educate them for the much-needed funding for our developmentally delayed adults. A wonderful lunch was served by Disability Right of Florida.

We can talk to the representatives, but helping them understand the impact of their decisions is one of the challenges AFIRE faces. Florida is last in the nation in providing services for DD adults. Frequently our efforts bump into promises that are quickly redacted once we have stepped back. You too can support our efforts by tracking what your congress and state representatives do!

SENATE:  http://www.flsenate.gov/Tracker  

HOUSE: https://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/MyHouse/login.aspx



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