Scholarship Students Taking OFF at Creative Clay!

Scholarship Students Taking OFF at Creative Clay!

Creative Clay wanted to thank AFIRE for their continued support. The Artist’s that were funded by AFIRE’s contributions have really been enjoying being part of the community here at Creative Clay.

Jankie, Carla and Latoya are really growing as artists!

  • Jankie loves to paint animals and loves to use colors that make her subjects pop! (check out the attached image of the Eagle she just finished).
  • Latoya loves to draw and paint people. She is practicing how to draw from images and working on her representational skills. (Attached is a recent piece of hers called “The Rehearsal” that was hanging in our gallery).
  • Another Artist making a big impression over here is Carla! She is working on her writing skills along with her filmmaking and directing skills. Carla has written a script for a teen drama involving going to parties and relationships. They will film soon and she wants to have a premier here when it is done. ( I have attached a photo of her recent painting of Mary Poppins with little penguins all around).

Thank you so much for the enriched lives that you have contributed to. I’d also like to invite AFIRE friends to our Second Saturday art opening on April 13th from 5-9 where we’ll feature the art of Joseph H. You’ll surely love it. Click Here for more information on the show! We hope to see you soon.



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